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JENTIS technology offers a server-side SaaS solution for all your web traffic measurement and data capturing needs.

The foundation of this technology includes a JavaScript that executes on the client-side, a DNS entry that elevates all data communication to the first-party level, and a server-side JavaScript runtime that enables you to take control of all data streams to any external or internal data storage.
JENTIS puts you in the driver's seat compared to traditional tracking methods. You can decide which data is sent to the server-side or which scripts are executed on a client's device, giving you more control over your tracking process.


To start integrating, you must complete some mandatory steps, including integrating a JS snippet and setting a DNS record. Once completed, you'll need to decide what data you want to access and forward. You can use tags, triggers, and variables to orchestrate your data. This model is an established data orchestration method in the digital space.

Lets get started and do the first steps:

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