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DNS Setup

JENTIS is a first-party tool that becomes part of your main tool stack, just like your shop- or content management system. Therefore, you must grant it certain privileges that third parties would not have, which also indicates a higher level of data security and privacy.

That means you must create a DNS entry for a particular subdomain on your hosting. This subdomain is the main communication channel JENTIS uses. To recognize hits from the same user (via first-party cookies) and send data to the JENTIS backend server side.

Please deploy the following DNS record to your hosting settings.


In preparation for the JENTIS implementation, you will find a specific documentation that looks like the following in your account. 


(do not use on productive systems!)

DNS Type

DNS Domain

IP Address


Simply copy your individual settings (from your JENTIS account and container) to your hosting DNS entries and select "A RECORD" to define the details.

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