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Consent SDK Basics


The JENTIS Consent Engine is a JavaScript application that is triggered by the JENTIS JS code snippet. It manages all the functionalities and APIs for handling consent interactions on the frontend of a website. It does not provide any GUI (visual consent bar to the user) on the website. For GUI elements, you can refer to the JENTIS Consent Template, which is a deprecated CMP solution.

In short, please be sure to understand that two topics must be distinguished:

  1. JENTIS Consent Engine: this is the technical interface that is by default always activated in every JENTIS account (can be turned off in the account settings); we strongly recommend using the JENTIS Consent Engine to use the JENTIS Tag Manager to its full potential

  2. JENTIS CMP (Visual): the visual presentation of a CMP banner to website visitors; this is currently marked deprecated and we recommend to use a dedicated CMP service from our list of supported providers: JENTIS CMP Connectors


You will find an open source example of how to integrate with the JENTIS consent engine here:

JENTIS Visual CMP deprecated

Though this CMP code for visual presentation of a banner is still available and functional as of that latest version it is not further developed any more. There are no new features developed currently and hence the code is marked deprecated. We are recommending to use a dedicated CMP provider for the frontend and graphical integration of an appropriate banner on your website.

Please check out the GIT and use the *.html – Files from the /test folder to see how it works!

For live demonstration, you will find this very same consent bar used at .

Access Global Object

You can access all functions and events via the following API:

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