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Vendor Management Migration

With the latest release of the JENTIS Data Capturing platform we will be rolling out a new vendor management solution.

This rollout will be part of our default process on the rollout of bundles, where certain accounts will receive this feature in an early stage. Further on a later step it is also rolled out to all JENTIS accounts.

If you do not know if you are on the early-release, you probably are not. As this is an invitational system, where only in close coordination we get in touch with certified partners and clients to test features with us. Should you be interested in this kind of testing please get in touch with your JENTIS account manager or the JENTIS help desk (

What you must do on this migration

Nothing specific in your JENTIS configuration.

This rollout will apply all settings automatically and migrate them to the new system. However, if you previously felt limited on the topics of consent, tools or vendors with JENTIS Tag Manager, now may be the time to reevaluate and update your JENTIS configuration.

If you have used any of the following customizations, please find the details on migration steps for those individually at the end of the article:

  • ⚠️ have you set custom vendor mappings via the application interface "window.jentis.consent.config.template.config"? Please see the guide on this step below.

Vendor Management Update Features

With the new vendor management there are major changes coming and some sections are deprecated (not further supported).

Here is what is new:

  • "Vendors" are introduced as a configurable item (tool configuration-instances and vendors are now two separate things)

  • every tool has a vendor mapped to it

  • every vendor connects to a CMP (mapping the consent from your CMP to the tool in JENTIS)

  • you can create your own vendors

  • every tool in your configuration can now have it's own vendor (if you want it to)

Here is what remains the same:

  • in JENTIS you connect a container to your CMP for this containers website (ie. if you use "User Centrics" CMP this setting will be the same in the future)

  • if you push consent information via the Consent SDK Basics manually everything will remain as is 

Here is what is deprecated:

  • the JENTIS CMP and support there for multilanguage and other configurations on the JENTIS CMP (visual consent management platform); this refers only to the visual CMP and not the consent engine application interface

  • tools in JENTIS will now not hold further CMP details (such as vendor name, address or details, as those informations were only used for the visual CMP presentation that is now deprecated)

Manual Consent Mappings Migration

Previously to this feature release there was a workaround possible to set vendors per CMP via the following interface:


A possible setting might look like this in a code section in your JENTIS tag manager:

window.jentis.consent.config.template.config.hubspot = "s400" //CMP ID of vendor "Hubspot"

With the rollout of the vendor management this workaround is not necessary any more.

Please check your JENTIS configuration and website if in a custom code this kind of configuration is applied.

If you find any references please remove them. Instead use the JENTIS vendor management user interface to configure all the vendors, tools and CMP connections that you require.

For any further assistance please get in touch with the JENTIS help desk (

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