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JENTIS Raw Data Tool

In the dynamic world of online data management, JENTIS stands out with its innovative approach to tag management and data capturing. A notable addition to its suite of tools is the "Raw Data" feature. This tool revolutionizes traditional tag management by not only routing and streaming data but also providing the unique capability to store and access raw traffic data directly on the platform.

Raw Data Tool Overview

The Raw Data tool by JENTIS is designed to capture, store, and provide access to the raw, unprocessed traffic data of a website. This enables a more granular analysis of user interactions, offering insights far beyond traditional analytics.

Data Storage Capability

Unlike standard tag management systems that focus solely on data routing, JENTIS’s Raw Data tool offers onboard storage capabilities. This means data is not just passed through but is stored within the JENTIS platform. Storing data on the platform allows for more extensive historical analysis and the ability to revisit and reprocess data as needed.

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