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JENTIS App Tracking SDK

At JENTIS, we understand the pivotal role of data in driving informed decision-making and enhancing user experiences. Regardless of the platform where data is to be captured. Our platform offers a suite of powerful tools tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses, with a particular emphasis on mobile app tracking, too.

App Tracking SDKs - Simplifying Data Collection

In the world of mobile applications, tracking user activity is essential for optimization of the user experience. Our App Tracking SDK aims to simplify this process, providing a foundational toolset for app developers to gather basic data points and insights.

Key Features of Our App Tracking SDK:

  1. Platform Compatibility: Our SDK is compatible with both Android/Google Play and iOS Apple devices (App Store), ensuring broad coverage across major mobile platforms.

  2. Basic Functionality: While still in its early development phase, our SDK offers fundamental functionality for capturing essential data, such as user interactions and device information.

  3. Ease of Integration: With a focus on simplicity, our SDK is designed for easy integration into your app's existing codebase, minimizing development overhead.

  4. Limited Analytics: Please note that our SDK does not currently offer analytics capabilities. It provides basic data collection features without extensive analysis or reporting.

Why Choose JENTIS for Your App Tracking Needs?

  • Data Capturing Streamlining: Orchestrate all your data capturing, regardless if on web or app in one single source of configuration. JENTIS provides a resilient and data privacy enhancing solution to all applications.

  • Simplicity: JENTIS prioritizes simplicity and ease of use, making it suitable for developers who require basic data capturing without complex analytics.

  • Early Access: By joining us in the early stages of development, you'll have the opportunity to shape the future direction of our platform and SDK, providing feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Unlock the basics of data capturing with JENTIS and take the first step towards understanding user behavior in your mobile apps.

App SDKs and getting started

Please read on the following sources for the SDKs.

Be aware of this early stage of those SDKs, as they provide only basic and limited services for now. While at the same time a more resilient and convenient update is already worked on.



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