LinkedIn Insight Tag
  • 26 Oct 2022
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LinkedIn Insight Tag

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This article version is deprecated. Please find here the latest version:

Article Summary

LinkedIn is a professional social network that provides you a LinedIn Insights Tag that enhances your marketing on that platform.

Official webpage: Insight Tag

JENTIS - LinkedIn Insight Tag - Global Constants

LinkedIn Partner IDYou will find the respective LinkedIn Parner ID in your account in “Account Assets: Insight Tag” in the “Manage Tag” section, ie. “654321”.

JENTIS - LinkedIn Insight Tag Types

Currently JENTIS Tag Manager supports the following tags with LinkedIn Insight Tag.

C2S: LinkedIn Inisight Tag Initialization BETA

DescriptionJENTIS Data Layer - Default Dependencies

This tag will load the third party library “LinkedIn Insight Tag” from an external host on the client side. The code and network request is executed on the browser and device of the website visitor.

Add this tag to your JENTIS configuration to activate the LinkedIn Insight Tag on every page.

This tag will create the following data storages (cookies, local or session client side browser storages):

  • LinkedIn Insight Tag library internal cookies can be set (this tag executes original source code from the third party, which gives this third party permission to access and store data on the users device)

The following default _jts push track calls are required for the default JENTIS LinkedIn implementation to work out of the box:

_jts.push track:

  • pageview
  • submit 

Code example (do not execute or copy paste; for reference only).

function order() {
       "track" : "pageview"
        "track" : "submit"

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