Frequent Questions and Common Errors
  • 06 Jul 2022
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Frequent Questions and Common Errors

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Article Summary

The following section will be a living document where we add common questions and errors we observe. So you have a starting point to further investigate, what actually may cause troubles. As often some misinterpretations can lead to JENTIS code being not executed as designed.

Infinite Loading

On some occasions we observed the following error popping up in the browsers developer console. At the same time you can observe in the browsers developer tools network tab that the JENTIS JS file is loaded infinite times.

Uncaught RangeError
Maximum call stack size exceeded

Root cause: the JENTIS basic tracking code snippet is loaded on a page multiple times.

Solution: Make sure to load the JENTIS tracking code snippet once on a page. Adding the same code twice to a page will result in JENTIS loading the according JS file in an infinite loop.

Details: Add JENTIS to Your Website

No data in the Preview Monitors Debugging Session

It happens that when a preview session is loaded, no data stream is captured in the Preview Monitor UI. In this section there are several topics described, that could lead to this issue.

no data streams captured in the Preview Monitor, though you expected something to appear...?


Redirect on Landing Page

The connection to the Preview Monitor is done through Query Parameters, that are added to the URL of your webpage. These Query Parameters are used by the JENTIS Basic Tracking Code to build the connection to the actual Preview Version and the Preview Monitor.

If your landing page has a built-in redirect (for example regarding country and language), these parameters can be abandoned during the redirect, and no link will be established to the Preview Monitor.

Solution: To overcome this problem you need to add the Query Parameters to the URL you are redirected to (given that the JENTIS Basic Tracking Code is implemented on that site). You can find the Query Parameters by right clicking the Play Button in the Preview Monitor UI and choose "copy link". From this copy you can now extract the right Parameters that need to be added to the end of the redirected URL.

Now you can add those parameters to any deep link URL on your site.

No Consent Connection

Often no data appears in the Preview Monitors session because actually no data was ever sent from the client side to the server.

If you open the developer tools console in your browser you might see the following outcome:

In that case no consent for any tool was yet given. Which can be a result of a missing bridge to your Consent Management Platform. 

Solution: Be sure to visit the Consent Manager section in your JENTIS Tag Manager account. There select each vendor (such as Google Analytics) to be active in your JTM Container and activate the CMP for this same JTM Container.

No Tracking Activated

In some cases the simple answer to missing data streams is that there was actually no submit call to actually send a pageview or any other event.

Make sure to actually start tracking by communicating via the _jts push API (leveraging the tool agnostic approach of JENTIS) or connecting to any other action stream on your website (using custom JENTIS States, ie. listening for dataLayer events).

The most basic call is:


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