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Risk minimization with consent management

Connection to multiple CMP providers

In the JENTIS Legal Hub, you can connect with multiple CMP providers and integrate them into your website via JENTIS for web tracking.

Consent and tracking

JENTIS offers a simpler way to connect tracking with consent by integrating the Tag Manager with the CMP of your choice. This allows you to track user data with compliant consent on the server side. The integrated CMP communicates with your tracking setup and data is processed on the JENTIS Twin Server, ensuring that your tracking data is handled in accordance with your protection settings.

By using this method, any changes you make to your tracking settings will be automatically updated in your consent bar.

Storage of consent

JENTIS securely stores the user's consent on the server side in connection with the JENTIS first-party cookie. The legal basis for each data point processed by your website via JENTIS is recorded. This enables JENTIS to assist you in complying with requests for information by data subjects or data protection authorities.

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