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Legal Documents (English)

  • General Terms & Conditions (T&Cs)

Our T&Cs describe the scope and nature of our Service in detail and define the rights and obligations of JENTIS and our customers. Furthermore, they set the rules for the use of the JENTIS SaaS. Together with the Offer, the Order form and the Data processing agreement, they form the entire contractual agreement between JENTIS and our customers.

  • Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

The DPA covers our data processing terms in compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. It determines the scope and purpose of all data processing activities we as Processors carry out on behalf of our customers as Controllers. 

  • Technical and organizational measures (TOMs)

Our DPA is supplemented by a list of the technical and organizational measures (TOMs) we implement in accordance with Art 32 GDPR to ensure an appropriate level of security of the data processing. Our TOMs are continuously and regularly updated to reflect the state of the art and best practices. 

  • Subcontractors

The list of the subcontractors we use as cloud host providers can be found as Annex 2 of the DPA. We engage our subcontractors only as specifically instructed by our customers.   

Our Privacy Policy reflects the data protection terms and practices we have in place at JENTIS for website visitors. You will find information about the tools, cookies and widgets we use on our website.

  • Data Protection Memorandum by Spirit Legal

Spirit Legal is a renowned law firm based in Leipzig, Germany and specializes, inter alia, in data protection law. Their legal appraisal of the JENTIS solution for international data transfers provides you with clarity about the legal advantages of the JENTIS SaaS and legal certainty for your business. 

If you have questions regarding our legal documentation please check our FAQs or contact us via

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