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Full control over data flow

With JENTIS SaaS you determine:

  • what information on the end user device should be read and sent to the JENTIS Twin server from the outset. You can configure the scope and duration of storage of data, set a lawful basis for  end user device access to comply with  the requirements of the ePrivacy Directive, GDPR and other European privacy laws. Furthermore, if your website has international users, the scope of data capture can be configured to fulfill the requirements of the respective applicable law in the region of use (PECR [UK], CCPA [CA], LGPD [BR], PIPL [CN], etc.);

  • which third parties should receive data from JENTIS by adding and configuring their "trackers". 

  • which data parameters are relevant for the third country transfer and opt for their removal or synthesis.

In this way JENTIS provides you a clear overview which data parameter should be passed to a third party tracking vendor and helps you be in control of your compliance mitigating risks and legal uncertainties surrounding international data transfers.

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