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Why are Google AdWords and Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing split in JENTIS?


Google Adwords consist out of two important functions:

  • Ad-Conversions (Purchase, Button-Clicks, …)

  • Audience-Data Collection (Productview, Add-to-Cart, Purchase, …)

Ad-Conversions (Google AdWords)

  • Execution-Type: Server-Side

We designed the GOOGLE ADWORDS Tool to operate entirely within a server-side environment. This tool assists in collecting the gclid-parameter (GCLID-Detection-Tag) and tracking conversions (Conversion-Tag).

Audience-Data (Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing)

  • Execution-Type: Client-Side via GTAG

This functionality requires the GTAG-Library to be fully loaded in the client's browser. Consequently, we have separated the Adwords functionality and integrated Audience Data collection into the GOOGLE ADS DYNAMIC REMARKETING tool.

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