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May I load the CMP via the JENTIS tag manager?

You are technically able to load the CMP via the JENTIS tag manager. You may do so by setting up your CMP to be mapped as a tool in JENTIS and accordingly, configure your CMP to load once the command has been received from the JENTIS tag manager. 

You can load CMP and JENTIS in any order.

We will always make sure to access either existing consent information (static) AND consent updates (dynamic) based on events and listeners. Both interfaces are available with all CMPs as far as I know. The only exception is when you develop your own CMP and push data to JENTIS Consent Engine™️ .

 However, this is not advised as a best practice for multiple legal and technical reasons. In the EU, the best practice is to load the CMP alongside or before the tag manager on a website and configure both tools to collaborate in terms of recording tracking consent before any further tools are activated on your website. 

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