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Javascript error, although I fixed it already in the code in the "current version"

What is the Problem?

You may encounter a persistent JavaScript error despite making code changes in the latest edit version. The reason behind this issue lies in how the live version of the JavaScript is loaded when the page is accessed.

What is the Solution?

Even if a new version with code corrections is published, it might not take immediate effect if the live version is still causing the error. This can lead to confusion and frustration as customers expect their code changes to reflect in the latest version.

To resolve the JavaScript error and ensure that code changes take effect correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Identify and correct the syntax error in the current edit version of the JavaScript. Review the code carefully to pinpoint any syntax mistakes, missing brackets, or typos.

  2. Once you are confident that the syntax error is fixed in the current edit version, publish it to make it the new live version.

  3. After publishing the corrected version, you should check if the JavaScript error is resolved. Reload the page and test its functionality thoroughly.

If the issue persists or the error remains, customers should inform the support team to investigate further. Share specific details and error messages to assist in troubleshooting.


Fixing a JavaScript error that persists despite making code changes involves ensuring that the corrected version is published and cache is cleared. The live version of the JavaScript may still cause the error even after a new version is published. By identifying and resolving syntax errors in the current edit version, customers can successfully publish a corrected version and test it to confirm the issue is resolved. Clearing the browser cache is essential to ensure that the latest changes take effect. If the problem persists, customers should provide feedback to the support team to assist in further investigation and resolution. By following these steps, customers can effectively address the JavaScript error and have a functional, error-free website.

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