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How to Use Raw Data with JENTIS

What is the Problem?

I want to use Raw Data in JENTIS.

What is the Solution?

The use of Raw Data in JENTIS requires specific access and installation steps. If you wish to utilize this special tool to gather data, you must follow these essential requirements:

  1. Contact JENTIS Helpdesk: Initiate the process by reaching out to our customer service team through the JENTIS Helpdesk. Provide them with relevant details and your request for access to the Raw Data tool. (

  2. Obtain Credentials: Once your request is processed, you will receive the necessary credentials from our team. These credentials will enable you to access and utilize the Raw Data tool efficiently.

  3. Install the Tool: Log in to your JENTIS account and navigate to the "tools" section. Locate the Raw Data tool and initiate the installation process as per the provided instructions.

  4. Access Raw Data: After successful installation, you can now access Raw Data through the designated interface. Use the provided credentials to log in and begin gathering data using this powerful tool.

How to install the Raw data tool

FAQs Raw Data Tool

May I set up the raw data tool to track without consent? 

Technology can allow you to track without consent for any tool you have configured. Legally, you must advise your DPO, CEO or anyone responsible for your company´s legal policies and actions about the risks and rules in regard to tracking without consent. 

Raw Data export does not contain a consent value / shows empty string? 

The data with empty value describes users that have not interacted with the CMP but JENTIS is not blocked at the same time (so the decision on the consent is pending). Possibly the users have a blocker addon in the browser that stops the CMP from operating but not the JENTIS DCP. If the Raw Data Tools vendor is configured to “No Consent” it will activate for each signal (purchase event) and hence also activate when no-consent mode requires active decision.

What format are raw data file exports available in? 

Raw Data Export is only available as an archived CSV or JSON File at this time. As the Raw Data API is in development, no other format of export can be prioritized over it. 

One suggested workaround to unarchive CSV files is :   

Is it possible to simply use tags to set which data is collected and is this then stored on a server by you on a daily basis? If so, how do we get access to the data and can we query it automatically via an API interface?

It is not possible to simply use tags and store data, which can be regarded as “raw” on our server. We are currently developing the Raw Data API with customization options. Please check the release notes by JENTIS for updates. 

How can I access the FTP server on which my raw data is stored? 

You should use the host name to access the server where the raw data by our clients is stored. However, you will need to contact JENTIS Support to be sent credentials to log in and access your FTP server. Please specify the accounts and containers you need this access/ setup for. Please note that access may be denied or restricted based on the current security policy of our dev team and your configuration.  Once your access has been granted, you can use apps such as WinSCP to log into your FTP server. 


Raw Data is a specialized tool offered by JENTIS, designed to provide users with valuable data insights. To use this tool, you must follow a two-step process. First, contact our customer service team via the JENTIS Helpdesk to request access and obtain the required credentials. Second, install the Raw Data tool from the "tools" section within the JENTIS interface. Once installed, log in using the provided credentials to start harnessing the capabilities of Raw Data for your data analysis needs. With Raw Data, you can unlock valuable insights to enhance your JENTIS experience and make data-driven decisions effectively.

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