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How to resolve a "404 NOT FOUND" error related to JENTIS on your website

What is the Problem?

The JavaScript Error 404 is a common issue that occurs when the tracking script is incorrect or improperly implemented. The error is usually triggered when the web page attempts to load a resource (like a script or image), but the resource is not found on the server, resulting in a "404 Not Found" response. In this case, the issue might be due to missing characters or errors during the copy-pasting of the tracking script.

What is the Solution?

Follow these steps to resolve the JavaScript Error 404:

  1. Check the Tracking Script: First, carefully review the tracking script you have implemented on your website. Advise them to copy and paste the script again to ensure accuracy.

  2. Use a Fresh Copy: Obtain a fresh copy of the tracking script directly from your JENTIS DCP. You can find the corresponding script by navigating to Settings → Containers → clicking on the status link in the “tracking code” column

    How to get your latest tracking code

  3. Verify Special Characters: During the copy-pasting process, special characters can sometimes get inadvertently omitted or altered. Make sure to double-check that all special characters (e.g., quotes, brackets, semicolons) in the script are correctly copied and pasted as they appear in the original script.

  4. Implement the Correct URL: Ensure that the script includes the correct URLs for the resources it's trying to load. The URLs should point to valid locations where the tracking script and related assets are hosted.

  5. Test the Website: After you re-implemented the tracking script, you should thoroughly test your website to ensure that the JavaScript Error 404 no longer occurs.


The JavaScript Error 404 is typically triggered by incorrect or faulty implementation of the tracking script. The issue often arises when characters are inadvertently omitted or altered during the copy-pasting process. To resolve this problem, you should double-check the tracking script, use a fresh copy if necessary, verify special characters, and ensure that the URLs in the script are correct. By following these steps, you should be able to eliminate the JavaScript Error 404 and successfully integrate the tracking script into your website. If the issue persists, further investigation may be required to identify any other underlying causes. Contact the JENTIS Helpdesk if this is the case.

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