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CMP integration not working properly

What is the Problem?

Sometimes the CMP Integration does not work due to incorrect implementation. It can also be that you want to test and make sure that it works.

What is the Solution?

The first step is to locate the issue. You also check to see if the Essential Mode has been activated. If that still doesn’t solve the issue with the CMP you can contact the JENTIS Support Team.

Locate the issue

If your CMP integration is not working correctly, it is a good idea to pinpoint precisely where the issue is

with the help of this article .

Essential Mode

In some cases, the CMP integration is working as expected, but the client is unaware that they have implemented or activated Essential Mode.

To check if you have Essential Mode implemented, please follow this article:


If this doesn’t help you resolve the issue, please contact us via the helpdesk by creating a ticket via email ( or via the portal.

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