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Bot Interaction with JENTIS

There are two different kinds of bots: good bots and bad bots.

Good bots

These are bots that engage in non-malicious activities. For example, search engine bots crawl websites to index the content, thereby making it available in search results. They typically identify themselves using user-agents for well-known bots and obey rules set out in robots.txt for custom bots. Tools like GA or Meta have a bot filter option that, when turned on, recognizes and ignores the traffic from these known good bots. For custom-made bots that do not attempt to disguise their nature, platforms like JENTIS automatically filter them out.

Bad bots

Malicious bots are designed to perform harmful tasks, such as data theft from competitors or launching denial-of-service attacks. Depending on their sophistication, it may be challenging to differentiate them from legitimate traffic. To counteract this, we offer automatic DDoS protection and filter out known malicious bots at the system's entry point.


We offer bot protection and filtering similar to other tools, but with JENTIS, this is extended across all your tools, providing a more comprehensive and effective defense strategy.

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