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The 4.6.1 version brings lots of improvements and bug fixes. Read more below!

Release Timeline


CW 28 / 2024


Expected CW 30 / 2024

What’s new in 4.6.1?


In this latest version, we had several improvements:

Tool Overview Card added information about the number of tags and providing the possibility to filter Tools by their tags' execution type.

We removed the restriction that prevented the debug URLs from ending with a "/".

When setting a new password on JENTIS, we removed a previous restriction so the password can now contain any special character.

We improved the user experience: when navigating through menu items on the JENTIS DCP, customers are now directed to the first sub-element with content to be shown, bypassing blank pages.

Bug Fixes

In the latest release, we killed quite an amount of bugs too:

We corrected the information provided when publishing a stage version. The column "Published by" correctly reflects when a stage version is published, and the publish card on top is renamed "Live Version".

When updating a tag, there’s now a name existence validation in case another tag already contains that name.

Fixed the bug in which the JENTIS icon was not shown correctly for all browser tabs opened.

Fixed the bug in which the entries in the preview monitor were sometimes displayed in the wrong order.

Fixed a wrong text on the terminate pop-up when creating a new tag.

Now, it's possible to update the preview when two containers have the same live URL.

We changed from free-form text to variable select on the tag view filter variable input.

We improved internal performance on high loads.

If you have any questions or feedback, please open a request on our Helpdesk.

Thank you,
JENTIS Development Team.

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