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The 4.6.0 version brings the new Traffic Filters feature, some improvements, and bug fixes. Read more below!

Release Timeline


CW 26 / 2024


CW 28 / 2024

What’s new in 4.6.0?

New Feature: Traffic Filters

Our new Traffic Filters feature lets you easily configure which IP addresses or IP ranges to exclude from your tracking. This allows you to enjoy cleaner, more accurate data without compromising on quality. This feature is available on the JENTIS DCP under Settings > Traffic Filters.

You can create filters excluding traffic by “IP matching” - an exact match to an IP - or by “IP is in range” - using the CIDR notation.

These filters are not applied to the data shown in the Preview Mode, so you can still see your own data flowing into the system.

Consult our documentation for more information.


In this latest version, we also had an improvement:

Not evaluating the exclude trigger's variable list nor sending their values to the JENTIS server.

We removed the restrictions from creating the first container before accessing the other features of the DCP.

The Privacy Policy is now prominently displayed in the footer of our website, ensuring it is easily accessible from any page.

Bug Fixes

In the latest release, we killed quite an amount of bugs too:

Fixed the issue of users with “read” permission being able to update their user settings.

Fixed a container's allowed domain character length is 2-63.

Fixed that the inheritance of constants in the tool settings is shown. This means that stage environments inherit the values from live.

If you have any questions or feedback, please open a request on our Helpdesk.

Thank you,
JENTIS Development Team.

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