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The 4.5.0 version brings the new Single Sign-On feature and some bug fixes on the JENTIS Preview. Read more below!

Release Timeline


CW 24 / 2024


CW 26 / 2024

What’s new in 4.5.0?

New Feature: Single Sign-On

A Single Sign-On authentication allows users from one organization to use the same login information for multiple services, saving time when configuring accounts and maximizing security. Now, it’s possible to enable SSO so all users within one organization can log in to the JENTIS DCP using their current credentials registered on an Identity Provider (IdP).

This feature currently supports three Identity Providers: Ping Identity Platform, Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), and Okta, all using the SAML protocol.

Consult Enable SSO on your JENTIS Account for more information.

Bug Fixes

In the latest release, we killed quite an amount of bugs too:

Changelog description

Resolved an issue where, after an extended period of inactivity, the JENTIS Preview UI appeared functional but no new data was received. The new alert system addresses this by guiding users to refresh their session for continued accurate data preview.

Fixed an issue where the container name was incorrectly displayed on the Preview page when two containers shared the same live URL or preview domain.

If you have any questions or feedback, please open a request on our Helpdesk.

Thank you,
JENTIS Development Team.

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