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The 4.4.0 version brings a very requested new feature and improvements on tag management: now you are able to edit multiple tags simultaneously, as well as duplicating your current ones. Read more below!

Release Timeline


CW 21 / 2024


Expected CW 23 / 2024

What’s new in 4.4.0?

New feature: Multi-Tag Edit

When managing tags in your system, you may encounter situations where several tags share identical fields. Previously, updating the value of a field for multiple tags required manual editing of each tag individually, which was particularly cumbersome for list items intended for uniform tracking across tags and could lead to inconsistencies.

With this new feature, you can now update multiple tags simultaneously by editing all its common fields at once, significantly saving time and ensuring uniform field values across different tags. Less workload, more accurate data tagging.

MTE Gif.gif

Improvement: Copy Tag Functionality

Finally, now you can also easily duplicate your tags and all its’ values, saving time on repetitive tag configurations, just by selecting the tag and clicking on the "Copy” option.

screenrecording - duplicate tags (2).gif

Bug Fixes

On the latest release, we also fixed some bugs:

Changelog description

Fix: Minor issue with circular dependency check

Fix: Minor internal logging issue

If you have any questions or feedback, please open a request on our Helpdesk.

Thank you,
JENTIS Development Team.

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