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Release Timeline


CW 39 / 2023


CW 48 / 2023

Features of this version

New Trigger Operators

With this update NOT CONTAINS, DOES NOT MATCH REGEX, DOES NOT START WITH and DOES NOT END WITH can also be selected as operators when setting trigger properties.

Automatic Counter Option in List-Placeholders

In JENTIS Tag configurations it is now possible to have automatically counting index variables. This is important for certain scenarios like GA4 tags with custom item properties.

Enhanced Preview Monitor    

We've refined our preview mode, enhancing clarity around the status and significance of the displayed data.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue on change log leading to an unexpected error on UI.

  • Vendors which have explicit connected container and not connected to a tool are now displayed in the vendor overview.

  • Fixed the issue of optional values on outgoing data streams not being encoded/decoded properly.

  • Publishing screen displays versions now in descending order again.

  • Fixed a visual UI bug when removing values from tool constants.

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