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Release Timeline


CW 32 / 2023


CW 34 / 2023

Features of this version

Connected Backend Storage

Data between tools on the JENTIS server can now be shared. More details!

Timeframing Options

Outgoing streams can be bundled into timeframes to mitigate the risks of singling out events based on timestamps. 

GUI Improvements

Filtering and search input will be not reset on navigation in the user interface of JENTIS.

Page Transition Event Handling

This includes multiple elements around the topic of different methods to submit data from client to the JENTIS server; now, certain events where timing is crucial (on exiting a page or navigating to the next) will send data with a new method, also improving data quality on tools such as GA4 with user_engagement events.

New GUI for Tag Assistant

Creating tags with JENTIS Tag Manager is now even more convenient and easy.


Further bugfixes are released around multiple GUI elements, backend topics and presentation.

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