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Release Timeline


CW 02 / 2024


CW 04 / 2024

New features

The following new features we are providing in the latest version:


Internal Refactoring: Form validation schema changed from yup to zod due to better typescript support.

Internal Refactoring: For type safety we are now using the GraphQL-codgen CLI.

We have added a new "State Debugger" view to the Preview Monitor, which allows you to inspect your data grouped by state.

Bug Fixes

In the latest release, we killed quite an amount of bugs, too:


Container short id will be now also validated in the backend.

Fixed an issue on tracking monitor where the arrayList variable value is shown as undefined when it is filtered out

Fixed an issue with array list filter value being not updated when empty.

Internal: Tools that exceed a certain size of manifest definition, can now be pushed to our DCP systems.

Fixed migration error: If a tool constant is removed during tool migration, a corresponding entry is made in the changelog.

Fixed the validation on the domain field when creating/updating a container to only allow lower case characters.

Fixed client-side variable not shown on tracking monitor when it is referenced on a s2s variable that is used in trigger condition

Thank you,

JENTIS development team

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