Internal Search Tracking
  • 31 Mar 2022
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Internal Search Tracking

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If the visitor successfully performs a search, you can track the following informations on the search results page.

Prerequisite: Product Datalayer Pushes per Product from all products found by the search

Trackingcommand: “search”


groupA meaningfull groupname for the searchstringnoglobal site search
termThe search input termstringyeschair
countresultsThe number of search resultsintno158
sourceIf there are different search available on the page, you can differentiate between them by using the source property f.e. headersearch, subsidiarysearch, facetsearch, …stringnoheadersearch
goalThe pagetype of the search result page f.e. productlist, cms-page, product-detail-page, …stringnoproductlist


    "track"        :    "search",
    "group"        :    "global site search",
    "term"        :    "chair",
    "countresults"    :    144,
    "source"    :    "headersearch",
    "goal"        :    "productlist"

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