Event and Interaction Tracking
  • 09 Jun 2022
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Event and Interaction Tracking

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An event is a broad definition of all possible interactions (active and passive) that occur on a website, ranging from clicks to simple timers. With JENTIS you can track all kinds of custom and predefined events following a simple syntax.


  • event

Mandatory Properties

groupA broad group or category to summarize similar events.stringnavigation-clicks
nameA name of this exact event, ie. list_view, button_click, etc.stringsubmit-button

Optional Properties

valueA description or any other label to further describe that event.stringclick
numvalueHere you can submit a numeric value with that event, that matches the context (ie. if that event is a conversion and has a countable value).number145
Here you can mark this event to be non-interactive, so it can be treated differently in some tools (ie. marking it accordingly in Google Universal Analytics to not affect bounce rate calculation).boolfalse
interactivePlease use this property instead of the deprecated noninteraction. It will mark an event interactive (true) or non-interactive (false), when left empty or not set the default is interactive (true).booltrue


    "track"         :    "event",
    "group"         :    "E-Commerce",
    "name"         :    "Product-Impression",
    "value"         :    "0023775322",
    "numvalue"     :    299,
    "noninteraction" :    true

Submitting Events

Remember: whenever an event is pushed to _jts API it will activate the according state. So all data is packed and transported immediately when track:event is pushed.

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